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 Best Practices

If you work with older adults, you quickly realize they are not simply 35 year olds with grey hair, and not all older adults are alike.  But even if people begin from that understanding, they often wonder, "What are the relevant differences?", and "How does that affect the work I do?"

For example, consider:


Seeking Solutions has developed a series of best practices sheets on key topics related to reaching and helping seniors around alcohol issues. They offer practical ideas on how to better understand and meet this groups' needs.



What are Best Practices?

Basically, they are strategies that have been proven to be effective for older adults. The best practices sheets reflect 


These sheets are being developed in series of threes. The first series includes:


Other topics include "Identification", "Elder Abuse",  "Alcohol Withdrawal", "Working  with Long Term Users", "Working with Family" and several others.

They can be used in workshops, community development, in your own work, and many, many other ways.


To receive the Best Practices sheets, contact:

Charmaine Spencer, Project Coordinator, Seeking Solutions

Gerontology Research Centre

Simon Fraser University

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Best Practices in Community Development

 A Role for Everyone

Alcohol and other substance use issues do not only "belong to" addiction specialists. Many different community members, government bodies, and private organizations have important roles in reducing the likelihood of alcohol problems developing in later life and in appropriately helping if a problem does occur.


Future Topics

A. Seniors' Involvement in Community Development


B. Professionals' and Key Service Providers' Involvement


C. Others


Best Practices in Counselling and Support

Over the course of the Seeking Solution project, many topics were suggested to us, and we will be gradually adding information on these topics to the website:



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